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Hartford may be better known as the insurance capital of the world than as a destination for fine dining, but Connecticut has given the world a number of great restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants in downtown Hartford.

Try lobster, shrimp, scallops and clams in a wine-butter sauce or the steaks, which are partially cooked on a sizzling hot stone platter. To name just a few, try the steak with lobster and prawns with a sauce of olive oil, butter and lemon juice and the prawn and mussel salad with lemon and garlic.

When lunch rolls around again and you are hungry again, you can make your own burger or try a salad and try the salad again. Order the Mexicali Ensalada, which is combined with the Grilled Salad, which includes chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cheddar cheese and coriander and is served with a chipotle honey mustard dressing. Beef breast, pork belly, chicken breast and pork chops are all terrific and also available in various toppings such as avocado, tomato, onion and garlic.

While you'll find many familiar options on the menu, look for things like potatoes stuffed with Chesapeake Bay crab meat topped with caviar, tempura flakes, shallots and asparagus, or raw tuna. Try the feast, which offers everything this wonderful place has to offer, from classic chicken and pork chops to a variety of salads, sandwiches and pasta. Roll up and pick up some of your longtime favorites straight from Hartford, Connecticut. Think chicken and pork chops, chopped chicken breast, pork belly, chicken breasts and chicken chops, topped with black cheese and Asian land crab.

The spicy lobster roll here comes with tons of fresh lobster meat drizzled in warm butter on a roasted roll with a side of coleslaw. The three of them co-invented the New Haven-style pie, and there is no better example of that than this classic New England pie shop. Think of it as a combination of what you know from New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island, but with all the flavor of Connecticut. Choose the classic "New England" flatbread, called johnnycake, which is squeezed into a crepe filled with crab and Connecticut corn and packed with tapioca pudding.

Carbone is a South End tradition whose roots go back to 1938, when the family opened a chicken restaurant called Southern Plantation. In the 1960s, Carbone became known for the quality of its Italian cuisine and started as a chicken coop known as the South Plantation, today it is a full service restaurant.

Today you'll find steamed bowls of pho ramen and sushi made with fish from Long Island Sound. Japanese pub that is modelled on the original Kawa Ni's in New York City's Chinatown, but is now a full service restaurant. The focus is on serving a wide range of noodles, from classic noodles like kimchi to more exotic noodles like kabob. This local chain sells ramen and many other types of pasta, and they offer braised pork belly, which is thick, tender and salty, as well as chicken and pork ribs.

The menu is a blend of old and new, created by Jeffrey Lizotte, a Connecticut chef, after cooking in Bordeaux. Danburyki - Asian chef Benny Chow, trained by Ki-Asian chefs Benny and Chow, with experience in New York City, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New Zealand.

If you want to eat, there is a table for about 12 people, but if you are careful with your wallet, come for brunch and lunch and maybe sip on one of the great wine offerings. Almost every shop is a takeout, which is okay because the quality of the food is second to none and everything is offered at a reasonable price. The most beautiful aspect of this restaurant is its service; reviews in OpenTable magazine have named ON20 as one of the best restaurants in the US for service.

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In the heart of the West Hartford neighborhood, just a few blocks from downtown Hartford, they offer a menu that combines creativity with time - time-tested favorites. Although Inside Diner is something of a regular guest at almost every restaurant I comment on, it offers a different experience from the many eateries I have visited in and around East Hartford / WestHartford.

There is a kitchen, spacious and bustling, surrounded by comfortable seating where guests can watch what happens. There's live music almost every night, and on Sundays there's a special brunch menu that serves fried catfish, eggs and cheddar grains from all over New England. I usually send home with a recommended wine, optimistic and ready to conquer the world.

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