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Rich history and modern luxury live in this sprawling, tranquil retreat perched above a pond on a steep slope in Norwalk, Connecticut. The GrayBarns, located in Norwalk Connecticut, are an oasis away from the bustling city. This stunning, unique home overlooks a waterfall and the Silvermine River in Norwalk. The two old inns have 12 guest rooms, but the new inn has more than twice as many rooms as the old one, with a total of 14 rooms.

The Residence Inn also features a restaurant with bar, a wellness and fitness centre, as well as a private pool and wellness centre. Residences Inn also offers a full suite with amenities such as an indoor pool, spa, fitness centre and private pool.

This database contains all available listings in the UConn Mansfield area, including roommate searches, car pooling and more.

To learn more about this program, call the UConn Residence Inn Valet Office at (877) 762-5555 or call the University of Connecticut Police Department at (777) 761-4500. Use the valets access code "UConn - Mansfield" on your carpool application or in the parking lot to get a value.

You can have all storage or rental rooms for your UConn Residence Inn room, dormitory or other storage space at the hotel.

This all-suite hotel is located in the center of everything Hartford has to offer, within walking distance of the XL Center and the UConn Center for the Performing Arts (XL) in Hartford, CT. This is a longer stay hotel located near the Connecticut Convention Center. It is also a great place to park for newly admitted students participating in the University of Conn Stamford orientation program. The property, located at 1194 Washington Blvd in Stamford CT, is available for $10 a day for one night or $20 a night for a longer stay of up to three nights. With the University of Connecticut Performing Arts Center, the New Haven Center and a host of other events in the area, Hartford is all about the centers that Hartford has to offer, as it is within walking distance of the Xcel Energy Center or the Hartford Center of Arts and Sciences.

The Hartford Residence Inn downtown is an ideal choice when traveling downtown. This hotel is located near the Connecticut Convention Center and is available for $10 per day for one night or $20 per night for a longer stay of up to three nights for a longer stay.

Downtown Hartford is 10-15 minutes away, as there are several restaurants and grocery stores within a few minutes drive. The popular downtown area is colloquially known as the West Hartford Center or simply the Center. The center is home to the Connecticut Convention Center, the Hartford Museum of Art and a number of other businesses.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport is located in southwestern Connecticut, but borders Fairfield County in Connecticut. The city is located in Hartford County and served as the co-capital of Connecticut until the sole government was transferred to the more central city of Hartford. This historic Norwalk, Connecticut property is less than an hour from New York and features an inn. New Haven describes itself as an established theater, museum and music venue with a focus on New York art and culture. Springfield, Massachusetts, is located within Hartford County, but borders Connecticut and New Hampshire, as well as New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Whether for family celebrations or romantic getaways, Silvermine Tavern is the perfect getaway in Connecticut. The Tavern at GrayBarns offers guests a fresh, refreshed ambience and on-site bathrooms.

The residence is a 19th-century picture of grandeur, with a rooftop widow's walk overlooking the Connecticut River. The Connecticut coast is winterproof all year round, but perfect for a weekend getaway in summer.

Global Spectrum is operated under contract with the Connecticut Development Authority (CDA) and is owned by the City of Hartford. The registered agent for the file company is located in Hartford, CT, and is managed under the C & T Corporation System. Global Spectrum, Inc. (the "Company"), a subsidiary of Global spectrum, LLC ("the Company").

The inn has been renovated from its original 19th century use as a stagecoach stop, while maintaining its historic identity and offering access to a wide range of amenities including an indoor / outdoor pool, dining area and fitness centre.

The Residence Inn Hartford - Windsor, Connecticut, costs 1,2500 points per night and is one of the cheapest hotels in the state of Connecticut, which means it is ideal for those staying in Connecticut for 3 to 5 weeks. Our stay included five nights where we could have eaten in the mix, but we only came to eat on the other nights where we had planned dinner for each other. We stayed a total of 5 nights at the Residences Inn in Hartford and Windsor in Windsor Connecticut, and this cost us about $1,2500 points per night.

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